NCSA Telnet for micros?

Jari J{ntti (mcvax!enea!tut!utacs!
10 Aug 87 19:09:58 GMT

Please, anybody with ARPANET access, make the new NCSA TELNET for micros
available through UUCP.

Below is the original announcement seen here a while ago.

Jari Jantti
Computing Centre
Univ. of Tampere, FINLAND

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From: timk%newton@UXC.CSO.UIUC.EDU (Tim Krauskopf, NCSA)
Newsgroups: comp.protocols.tcp-ip
Subject: Telnet for micros available
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Date: 28 Jun 87 23:41:57 GMT
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The National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) at the
University of Illinois has prepared and is distributing a telnet package
for IBM compatibles and Macintoshes. It has many features that we haven't
found in anyone else's software. If you have trouble getting it to run,
make sure I get a full description of your hardware setup including DOS
version. I hope you like it.

Tim Krauskopf
Project leader, NCSA Telnet

release info:

National Center for Supercomputing Applications presents:

NCSA Telnet for the PC, version 1.1
NCSA Telnet for the Macintosh, version 1.1

These programs are copyrighted, but distributed in binary form with
no license fee. Source code is not available. We are exploring the
possibility of distributing linkable libraries which support TCP/IP.

Features included in version 1.1 of NCSA Telnet:
DARPA standard telnet
Built-in standard FTP server for file transfer
VT102 emulation in multiple, simultaneous sessions
Class A,B and C addressing with standard subnetting
Each session in a different window (Macintosh)
Tektronix 4010 graphics emulation (Macintosh)
Supports Croft gateway, i.e. KIP (Macintosh)
Capture text to a file (PC)
Full color support (PC)

How to obtain:
Anonymous FTP from in the NCSA subdirectory.

The PC version is a tar file which contain binary files. After the
files are extracted from the tar file, some binary transfer (e.g.
kermit) should be used to download the files to the PC. The
Macintosh version is several files encoded with BinHex 4.0. Download
them with a similar transfer method (kermit) and use BinHex 4.0 to
extract the files. Printable documentation is included with each
version; the Mac documentation is in MacWrite format. After
downloading, you may copy the files as often as you wish, unmodified,
in binary form, with the copyright notices intact.

The PC version is also on this dial-up BBS:
The University of Illinois Excel project BBS:
(217)333-8301 file name: NCSATEL.ARC

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