Trouble speaking SMTP to TOPS 20 (TWENEX) hosts

Dan Ehrlich (hao!gatech!psuvax1!!
11 Aug 87 20:24:35 GMT

My memory is fuzzy as to if this problem has been reported before or
not. I vaguely remeber seeing something like this but cannot find
anything in our old news files, so please excuse me if this is old

The VAXen here are running BSD 4.3 UNIX with all of the patches posted
to comp.bugs.4bsd.ucb-fixes applied. Most of the time when we try to
speak SMTP to a TOPS 20 (TWENEX) host sendmail ends up deffering with a
"Bad file number" status. This situation never seems to correct itself
and eventually the mail is returned to the originator. If my memory is
correct on this and a fix has been posted for it I would appreciate
getting a copy from anyone who has it.

Thanks in advance.

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