Re: VMS and X.25

David L. Kashtan (KASHTAN@IU.AI.SRI.COM)
Tue 11 Aug 87 10:00:22-PDT

> I have been looking at various VMS and microVMS solutions for Tcp/Ip
> (Excelan, Interlan-Micom, Wollongong, SRI, Hyperlink, etc.) and all
> of them assume an Ethernet....

I cannot speak for the rest of the VMS TCP implementations but I do know
that SRI's (and probably Wollongong's) support many more devices than just
Ethernet. You can get TCP over X.25 service using the ACC 5250/6250 board,
which is supported by SRI's MultiNet. There are other possibilities as
well: DMR-11s come to mind.

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