Re: No echo from the NIC

Michael Padlipsky (PADLIPSKY@A.ISI.EDU)
11 Aug 1987 11:22:49 EDT

OH DEAR!!!!!

I'm even more appalled to report on the resolution of yesterday's
mystery about the "My NCP Costs $500 a Day" RFC: Through the good
offices of Marlyn Johnson at the NIC, I've learned that there was
indeed such an RFC (425, actually) but the reason I didn't spot it
was that I was looking for ones by me and it (gasp, shudder, eek)
wasn't by me after all. Could have sworn if was one of mine, but
it turns out to have been by Bob Bressler--and addresses the general
problem of too many Hosts having gotten into the habit even then
(late '72) of doing "surveys," "probes," and the like. Oh, the
forgetfulness of Early Middle Age....

abashed cheers, map

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