Re: telnet CR processing, bridge comm servers and TWG telnet

Sid Shapiro (ptsfa!hoptoad!rtech!llama!
10 Aug 87 18:38:52 GMT

This is going back a bit, and may not even be the same thing, but when I
switched a system to 4.3, we could no longer get a <CR> characters into
emacs (or vi for that matter, but vi didn't really care too much). If
I remember correctly, the 4.3 telnetd was "smarter" - it could map
<CR>s to <NL>s if you wanted it to (default behavior). This screwed
up the Bridge boxes, cause the bridge telnet client didn't have a
command to reset the telnetd to go back to the less smart behavior. I
had to hack telnetd to turn off the mapping.

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