Re: RFS vs NFS

David P. Zimmerman (!dpz@RUTGERS.EDU)
11 Aug 87 06:34:10 GMT

In article <> I blurted:

> > The claim of statelessness should not be taken too literally. When one
> ...
> > before the crash. Talk about some confused clients...
> Sun's ND (one of the weirdest beasts around) isn't stateless, you
> can't use that as an example in this case.

And of course he wasn't using it as an example. Sorry about that.
What he was decribing sounded like the typical ND problem of modifying
a client's root partition on the server while the client was still up,
and I misinterpreted his statement as meaning that. (ND still rots,
though. At least we don't have to worry about an ND /pub here


David P. Zimmerman	     rutgers!dpz

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