Mailing to DEC Easynet

Eric M. Berg (A.Eric@GSB-HOW.Stanford.EDU)
Mon 10 Aug 87 21:00:01-PDT

[My apologies for posting this to the entire list, but the return-address on
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DEC's internal network (called "Easynet") is connected to the Internet via
host DECWRL.DEC.COM (which is also a UUCP backbone node). The syntax is

You need to get the name of the Easynet host, and the user-name of the person
you want. (Often user-names seem to consist of the first two character of
the person's first name appended to their last name... so I'd be "BergEr".)

It's helpful to know that DEC Easynet nodes seem to have two different names
each: a DECnet node name, and an internet-style name. So, for example, most
of the Santa Clara office sales people have accounts on "USWRSL.DEC.COM"
("US Western Region SaLes", as close as I can guess), which is also known
as "RHEA" (DECnet node name).

You can try sending mail to You can try sending mail to Postmaster@DECWRL.DEC.COM... I've found the people
there to be very helpful in sorting this stuff out.

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