Ken Rossman (sy.Ken@CU20B.COLUMBIA.EDU)
Mon 10 Aug 87 23:07:23-EDT

  Herewith the DECnet Ethernet address for node 19.53, aka 19509::


I'm afraid I fail to see where you get AA-00-03-01-10-E7 from 19.53.

First of all, the DECnet-transformed ethernet address should start with
AA-00-04-00. Secondly, the last two octets of the DECnet/ethernet address
is the 16 bit DECnet node number, which consists of 6 high order bits of
area, and 10 low order bits of node number. The bytes are swapped also.

So in the above example, if you take the last two bytes, 10 and E7, swap
them to get E710, and then break them down to 6 and 10 bit groups, you get:

    111001 1100010000
    (area) (node num)

or, node 57.784.

This ethernet address was probably still the original hardware address
before DECnet got ahold of it and mangled it. /Ken

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