Re: No echo from the NIC

Michael Padlipsky (PADLIPSKY@A.ISI.EDU)
10 Aug 1987 16:15:34 EDT

Ken [and interested onlookers]--

I am appalled to have to report that I can't find "But My NCP Costs
$X00 a Day..." despite the facts that 1) I could have sworn I'd done
such a thing and 2) running my finger down all the lines of RFC 1012
should have confirmed it. Either it was done as a Project MAC Memo
and didn't get out on the net, or it's hidden away under some other
title (RFC 411, "New Multics Network Software Features," is a possibility,
but I can't get through to the NIC to check up), or (shudder) perhaps
there's an error of omission in RFC 1012....

Of course, the incident is immortalized, albeit in highly capsulized
form, in The Book: Horror Story Number 5, pp. 85-6 (and corresponding
Trailer Cartoon on p. 88); indeed, it seems to me I just cited it the
other week in a somewhat different context here on the List. But that
isn't as gratifying as being able to point to a 14 (at least) year old
RFC (or MAC Memo, I guess).

Perhaps needless to say, I join you in urging all readers of this List
to be particularly cautious not to cause squandering of others' cpu
cycles, even if we can't prove just how long we've been preaching
that particular position.

cheers, map

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