Re: Ethernet problems induced by bogus ICMP Address Mask Reply

Tim Krauskopf (
Mon, 10 Aug 87 08:31:12 CDT

We encountered the exact same problem (diagnosed with tcpdump) between our
diskless Sun 3/50 (SunOS 3.3) and a Vaxstation (TWG under VMS). The icmpmask
response from TWG is backwards.

Easy work-around while waiting for bug fixes from TWG:
  Install the netmask parameter in the rc.boot files (ifconfig lines) of as
  many diskless Suns as you feel like.
  Each of the Suns with the mask installed will operate correctly.
  For the rest of the machines, the russian roulette has much better odds:
  When the ICMP request goes out, there are several Suns waiting to respond
  and they are faster at responding than the VAXen. Whoever gets there first

Isn't this fun?

Tim Krauskopf
National Center for Supercomputing Applications
University of Illinois

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