L.H. Landweber (lhl@parmesan.wisc.edu)
Fri, 7 Aug 87 11:32:50 CDT


On December 1, WISCVM will be shut down. Hence, as of
that date, we will no longer be able to provide a mail
relay service between Arpanet and BITNET.

WISCVM currently handles between 5 and 10 thousand
messages per day. Clearly, this service is very important
to the academic/research network community. As such
it should be fully supported. Many of you may not
be aware that at present the WISCVM relay is only supported
by a volunteer student (indeed, this summer he
has a full-time job off campus). Because of the
(admittedly) inadequate level of support, problems
arise periodically. For example, for the past day
most messages have been rejected. The current problem
occurred because there was some ambiguity in our
instructions for installing new host tables.

We would be happy to provide advice on what is
required to run a supported mail relay. Besides
operations and bug fixing, such support should
include consulting for system administrators (if
not for users). Hopefully, some suitable
organization will be found to provide this

Larry Landweber

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