Samudra E. Haque (umnd-cs!umn-cs!haque@ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU)
8 Aug 87 05:48:30 GMT

> Herewith the DECnet Ethernet address for node 19.53, aka 19509::
> AA-00-03-01-10-E7
> I do not know if this conflicts with any other vendor's address
> assignments.
This message possibly has got nothing to do with the actual subject..
But is there ANY gateway from the INTERNET to DECNET (dec's private
network). Specifically I am interested in contacting an individual who
works in the Sunnyvale Digital ?Plant? ?office?.

He has often said that there is no way that we can get messages
accross the network walls.

Is there anybody out there willing to give me a route to his node? If
you mail me a note I will mail you back what information he gave me
and will try your suggestion. I am not that terribly familiar of
VMS based networking.

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