Re: How do you break up a B class number?

David Roode (ROODE@BIONET-20.ARPA)
Thu 6 Aug 87 09:02:13-PDT

Why don't you replace your DEC LANBridges with something at the IP
level. In your description of the main ethernet, you
indicate you use these to connect together a combination of thin
and fat wires using these and repeaters. For the price of a DEC
LANBridge, you can buy something like a cisco gateway, and voila,
no more 100 host subnet. I can't see the real argument
for ever desiring to put 1000 hosts on a single subnet, or
even 300. Organizations that large are going to be naturally
broken into administrative units of smaller size, each of which
might be allocated a subnet, or a portion of a subnet
shared with a limited number of other units.

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