ACC IF-11/HDH 4.3 Driver

Mark L. Starner (
5 Aug 87 18:57:01 GMT

We have had a problem with our ACC IF-11/HDH IMP (sorry, PSN) interface
since our conversion to 4.3 BSD. We finally tracked it down to be limited
to fragmented or full size (1006) packets.

For example, when we would do an FTP get from ucbvax, we would
never receive the large 1006 byte packet. All we would get is a 58
byte packet. Eventually, after 3 minutes, we would get a message:

netin: connection reset by peer

I contacted ACC for help once I discovered the the exact nature of
the problem and they told me that there was a bug in the 4.3BSD released
vaxif/if_hdh.c and that all 4.3 sites should get the new driver.

A temporary fix until you can receive the new driver is to
change all occurences of IMPMTU to IMPMTU+2 in if_hdh.c.
(this in fact solves the problem).

It is reccomended that you contact ACC to receive a copy
of the newest driver. They can be reached at:
or at:
        1-800-222-7308 (ask for Software Support)

The problem also shows itself with SYSERR from your sendmail daemon and
with "whois" returning nothing but your prompt if what the NIC is trying
to send you is more than 1006 bytes long.

Hope this saves someone the 4 months of frustration it caused me.

BTW, I would be interested to hear if anyone else knew about or has this

Mark Starner
Unisys Corporation/Paoli Research Center	{cbmvax,sdcrdcf}!burdvax!starner
Paoli, PA

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