Tcp/Ip for MVS and Mitek revisited

Henry Nussbacher (
Thu, 06 Aug 87 14:54:13 P

Last week I asked for info on Mitek and their MVS solutions to Tcp/Ip.
To date only one person has replied and that was only to tell me that he
thinks that Mitek has signed to be a MAP of IBM. He did not know what
MAP was.

I did some further checking. IBM has a IMAP program (Industry Marketing
Assistance Program). It is sort of like a 3rd party developer for IBM.
Last year, IBM recruited several IMAP companies to promote DEC to System/370

IBM has now been courting Mitek to develop System/36 and System/38 Tcp/Ip
connectivity. Mitek has produced something called FTP/6.2 for 36 & 38

Mitek was formed in 1982 by Bernie Hogan who previously owned
Hogan Systems, Inc. This company suffered a pretax loss of $20 million
in 1985 after delivering allegedly faulty software to 40 customers.

Mitek now claims to have solutions for System/36, System/38, MVS, and SNA
in the Tcp/Ip realm.

This entire "thing" has me nervous. If IBM has decided to enter into an
IMAP agreement with Mitek, why hasn't anyone on the network ever heard of
them? Is there a single site out there using Mitek equipment?


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