Re: Telnet, <CR><LF>, etc.!uiucuxe!
6 Aug 87 00:51:00 GMT

Sorry if this is too much UNIX for the rest of you...

Well, I think Greg has explained things very nicely. Since he feels
that this is a UNIX related issue, let me toss my two cents in.

1) Pty(4), like tty(4) has CRMOD. Therefore, it can already map
        <CR> to <NL> for you. in.telnetd should take advantage of this fact.

2) Programs such as tip run in raw mode, expecting carriage returns,
        not line-feeds. Therefore, it should always be easy to give
        them one. Again, sending <CR> seems more reasonable.

Therefore, it seems to me that in.telnetd should always send a <CR>
to the pty unless the user explicitly sends an <LF>. This seems to
allow maximum compatibilty w/ existing software and other operating

-- Steve Alexander, Workstation Programmer,
National Center for Supercomputing Applications

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