Charles Hedrick (
Thu, 6 Aug 87 00:34:59 EDT

As far as I know, in phase V the DECnet address will consist of two
bytes of subnet and then the Ethernet address. Once phase IV
compatibility is not needed (typically this would be at the next
phase), one could presumably stop using the special Ethernet address
forced on you by the phase IV DECnet design, and use the preassigned
Ethernet address. So at that point, machines using DECnet would have
unique addresses.

I think this discussion has diverged from its intent. I was simply
trying to explain what was meant when someone said that machines
running DECnet did not have globally unique Ethernet addresses. Your
comments about how DECnet addresses are assigned on your campus show
that there can't be any conflict in DECnet addresses at your
installation. However the fact remains that your hosts no longer have
globally unique Ethernet addresses. There are almost certainly at
least two hosts on the DEC corporate network with the same address
(since they have several DECnet networks each of which have very full
address space), and presumably some on other large corporate networks
as well. This is not a criticism: obviously your machine will not
become confused with those other machines. It is simply an
explanation of a statement in a previous posting.

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