Re: Problems starting vv0 Proteon PROnet-10 driver

Mark Fedor (
Wed, 5 Aug 87 22:01:56 EDT

        Here is a fix and explanation to the problem....
        This was posted to USENET some time ago, I get no credit
        for this fix, but I should get something for finding
        this article out of all the tons of News articles I
        have saved.... :^)

        Hope this helps!


Article 3887 of net.unix-wizards:
>From: ron@BRL.ARPA
Newsgroups: net.unix-wizards
Subject: brl-vgr Bug Report
Message-ID: <4577@brl-smoke.ARPA>
Date: 13 Oct 86 23:15:30 GMT
Sender: news@brl-smoke.ARPA

Subject: Unable to set vv address on subnet
Index: sys/vaxif/if_vv.c 4.3BSD

        Ifconfig returns an error when you try to set the address on
        the proteon when using subneting.
        ifconfig vv0 netmask
        The vv driver checks to see if the local net part of
        address corresponds to the hardware address of the interface
        installed in your system. The subnet mask can not be set
        before the address because the mask has to be tied to a
        particular internet address.

        The fix is to make the vv driver mask off all but the lowest
        eight bits of the address before making the validity check.
        This is OK since the device can only deal with eight local
        address bits. In vvioctl:

                 * Attempt to check agreement of protocol address
                 * and board address.
                switch (ifa->ifa_addr.sa_family) {
                case AF_INET:
                        if ((in_lnaof(IA_SIN(ifa)->sin_addr) & 0xFF) !=
                                error = EADDRNOTAVAIL;

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