Re: Wollongon TCP/IP for AT&T 3B2

Frank Hsu (osupyr!hsu_f@ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU)
Wed, 5 Aug 87 16:21:58 EDT

I got your message.

Yes, our Physics Dept. told me that their CAD/CAM IBM 4341 always receive packets from the 3B2 looking for port 513. I did not the reason. Now I stopped
the RWHO daemon.

Our "mailx" really have problems with dots in the host names. I reported
this problem to AT&T, a technical support person in AT&T information system
told me that "telnet" and "ftp" have no problem with dots. But "mailx" just
can not take any dots in the host name.

I kept the mail message from AT&T, I will mail it to you later.

Our "telnet" on the 3B2/300 works fine. It can login to Pyramid, IBM 3081,
iBM 4341, DEC VAX 11/780, Sun work stations, DEC-20. I can not see any
difficulty in connecting to other hosts.

I never tried routed "mailx".

                                                Frank C. Hsu
                                                IRCC, Ohio State Univ.
                                                Columbus, Ohio 43210

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