Dr. Postel's comments about the namedroppers list

Tue 4 Aug 87 20:01:09-EDT

I agree with KLH's comments that there is a need to discuss naming
conventions and names. Now that the internet (small-i) is much larger
than just the TCP/IP speaking Internet, it is useful to recognize that
not all people agree on what things should be called.

HOWEVER: I think there is policy which can be used to handle the naming
of the NIC, which is to ask the people who run the NIC for the DDN.

When we started using domains, we were given fairly free reign over what
we wanted to call our second-level domain, we eventually chose bu.edu.
Also, our host names all contain "bu" in them in addition to the .bu.edu
suffix (i.e. buit1.bu.edu, bu-cs.bu.edu, bu-ma.bu.edu). We find this
preferrable to "it1.bu.edu" or "1.it.bu.edu".

The point is, it was our choice, and now what I see here is a consensus
of people who want to name the NIC, and it is really the NIC admin's
responsibility to name it.

SO, Ken, if you want to start a list to discuss naming, feel free, but
remember that you have the ultimate authority to name the NIC however
seems convenient and useful.


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