No echo from the NIC

4 Aug 87 15:06:00 EST

I experienced some difficulty connecting to the NIC on Sunday night. This led
me to try to PING off of them (issue ICMP echo request). I did not receive
any response from them on either their net-10 or net-26 address. I was able
to receive ICMP echo replies from hosts on a number of networks so I wrote it
off as a temporary network problem.

I PINGed them again on monday, still no response. I called the NOC. They
used TELNET to test connectivity, and they got through. The NOC was also able
to TELNET to my host. When I told them I couldn't PING off the NIC, they
became concerned. Taking their lead, I tried to TELNET to the NIC, and lo
I got through as well. Yet, when I closed out the session, and tried PINGing
them again, still nothing.

I called up the NIC. They took down my complaint, and the next day someone
from engineering called me back. He said the NIC has turned off their ICMP
echo replies. He said they were getting too many ECHO requests and that it
was loading the machine down.

ICMP ECHO request/reply has been a usefull debugging tool. I hope this
doesn't start a trend.

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