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Tue, 4 Aug 87 09:47:24 PDT

                        NAMEDROPPERS POLICY


This NAMEDROPPERS mailing list is to be used for discussion of the
concepts, principles, design, and implementation of the domain style
names. The main focus of this group is the review of documents
describing domain style name system (currently RFCs 882, 883, 973, 974)
and discussion of the implementation of the system.

The scope is limited to the technical aspects of the system. It does
not include discussion of the actual names selected, or the semantics of
those names. There are other forums for those discussions (for example,


While one of the advantages of computer mail and mailing lists
mechanisms is fast response, in this list we prefer to go a little slow
to ensure thoughtful discussion. In general, one should let some time
go by (a day) between first reading a message and composing a response.
Even during periods of intense activity on this list one should not send
more than one message per day. Typically this would allow one to
discuss several other contributions in one message.

      * Wait a day between reading and sending.

      * Send at most one message per day.

On the other hand, this is a list for participants in a discussion, not
observers. Everyone on the list is expected to contribute from time to

To get on or off NAMEDROPPERS send your request to

Related mailing lists:


This group is for the discussion of issues in the design and
implementation of the Internet community Text mail system (based on RFCs
821 and 822). Comments are welcome from any community that uses these
conventions. This may include the interaction of the domain style names
with the operation of this mail system.

To get on or off HEADER-PEOPLE send your request to


This group is explicitly focused on the development of means for
interoperation and interconnection of the Internety community Text mail
system and the international standards community X.400/MHS mail systems.
This includes developing a mapping between the naming procedures used in
these two systems.

To get on or off ARPA-MHS send your request to


This group is exploring the issues in multimedia computer mail (i.e.,
mail that includes text, bitmap, voice, graphics, and other special data
types). This is based on work that has gone on for several years under
both DARPA and NAVY sponsorship. There is consideration in this group
of the use of X.400/MHS as a basis for further work on multimedia mail.

To get on or off MMM-PEOPLE send your request to

Multiple Addresses:

Nearly everyone in NAMEDROPPERS is also on HEADER-PEOPLE. There is no
need to send a message to both NAMEDROPPERS and any other list.

People are pretty careful about which lists they are and are not on. It
is really best to send your message to exactly one list. If it was the
wrong one, someone will let you know. Sending a message to more than
one list will surely waste a significant amount of both computer and
people time and resources.

In fact, when sending to NAMEDROPPERS the only address needed is
NAMEDROPPERS@SRI-NIC.ARPA. If you are responding to a particular
comment by someone he or she will get the message without being
explicitly addressed, and you will get a copy back too.


All of the previous discussion of the NAMEDROPPERS can be found in the


where YYYY is the year. There are currently files for 1983, 1984, and
1985. <NAMSER>NAMEDROPPERS.MAIL contains the most current NAMEDROPPERS
dialog. These files can be accessed via anonymous FTP. New member of
NAMEDROPPERS may which to copy and read these archives before joining
the discussion.

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