re: What to Name the NIC

Craig Partridge (craig@NNSC.NSF.NET)
Mon, 03 Aug 87 21:21:21 -0400

> Wrong. The namedroppers list is for the discussion of the design
> and operation of the domain name system, not for the discussion
> of what the names are or what names would be nice.


    I'm afraid you and I are working from different definitions.

    According to list-of-lists (23 Jun 87) , the namedroppers mailing list
is to be used for "discussing the concepts, principles, design and
implementation of the domain style *names*". (Italics mine).

    Now I understand that doesn't mean arguing about how to restructure
the namespace (i.e., the debate about whether the choice of top-level
domains was correct, which seems to be the particular bane of namedroppers)
but I think the definition easily permits the discussion of questions about
proper selection of names within the existing namespace. And NAMEDROPPERS
is certainly more appropriate than TCP-IP.

    If you think that's the wrong definition of the list, then let's get
it changed.


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