Re: Wollongon TCP/IP for AT&T 3B2

Mark Fedor (
Mon, 3 Aug 87 13:50:33 EDT

        Yeah, I run the same wollengong software on my 3b2/300 and
        the 513/udp port is the rwhod.

        I have a gateway (Proteon p4200) that picks these up all the
        time (since they are a broadcast) and reports
        "no server port 513" or some such and throws it away.

        Kill the rwhod if you don't want the port 513 annoyance.

        BTW, port 513/tcp is the rlogin port.


        Also, my sendmail accepts "."'s I believe.....

        I have noticed that the wollongong telnet sometimes has difficulty
        establishing a connection with other telnet daemons. Have you?

        Also, the routed program doesn't seem to work, but early versions of
        routed never worked anyways..... :^)

        This tcp/ip software really makes the 3b2 halfway useable!

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