Re: Telnet, <CR><LF>, etc.

Mon, 3 Aug 87 12:23 EDT

          I have to disagree with your TELNET sending a <CR><NL> if the
user types a <CR> with local echoing and sending a <CR><NUL> if remote
echoing takes place. While this may be useful in some UNIX
applications, who expect this convention, it certainly confuses some of
us non-UNIX hosts out there trying to talk to you. For example, we use
remote echoing to supress the local echo of a password. Thus, when a
user types her password, remote echoing takes place and the <CR> typed
at the end of the password gets sent as a <CR><NUL>. This gets
interpreted at our end as a <CR> which is NOT our end-of-line character.
Of course, this causes a hang which can be very frustrating. Please, do
not confuse local/remote echoing with some sort of private mode where
TELNET ASCII characters get interpreted differently. I realize that
this may be convenient for you, but it makes talking to different
machines on the network, much more difficult.

                    John G. Ata

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