Wollongon TCP/IP for AT&T 3B2

Frank Hsu (osupyr!hsu_f@ohio-state.arpa)
31 Jul 87 20:14:41 GMT

I have an AT&T 3B2/300 computer running UNIX System V R3.0, and I installed
the Wollongon TCP/IP software then make it running.

I can do remote login (rlogin), e-mail (mailx), file transfer (ftp) with
IBM 3081 (MVS), 4341 (VM/CMS), Sun Workstation, Pyramid, DEC VAX 11/780
and many other machine.

This TCP/IP is running fine. The only two problems are
1) It is trying to communicating to port #513 all the time.
2) It done not accept host names contain a dot (.) when doing e-mail (mailx).

And one more thing that I know is that AT&T is supporting this software, and
I have reported these problems to AT&T.

                                                Frank C. Hsu
                                                Ohio State Univ.
                                                Columbus, Ohio

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