Mitek MVS solutions?

Henry Nussbacher (
Sun, 02 Aug 87 13:22:05 P

I have been looking into various solutions for MVS systems. I have looked
at Fibronics KNET, Network Solutions DDN/MVS and have recently been talking to
ACC and their ACCES/MVS. Just now I found a new company called Mitek that does
not appear in the Vendors Guide. They have two boxes - M2130 which talks
to a 37xx (SDLC) and an M2030 that talks directly to a channel. The other side
of the connection is an Ethernet. They have 2 models of the M2130 - low
speed (RS232) and hi speed (V.35).

On the software side, they have an SNA Kernel, Ethernet Tcp/Ip software and
the M2x30 Supervisor. They claim to support Telnet and FTP. No doc on

I'd like to hear from people who are using Mitek for connecting an MVS to
Ethernet. Does their stuff work?


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