Re: telnet CR processing, bridge comm s
2 Aug 87 01:40:00 GMT

Be careful here...

We, too, got the 13000 software to fix that problem, and another, insidious
bug popped up. Enabling "NetAscii" on ports caused those ports to send a
non-printable ASCII character (I think Ctrl-A) at various times out the
serial port of telnet sessions. I believe they corresponded to times when
a packet arrived with the tcp "PUSH" option set.

Run a telnet session on the CS/1 with a terminal that can be set to display
the entire ascii character set, and run VI. See if you get some unwanted
characters inserted at random places. We observed it when it started appearing
inside escape sequences (e.g. ESC-Y-Row-Col types of character sequences would
become something like ESC-Y-CTRLA-Row-Col, with obviously wrong results).

I called this in to Bridge a few months ago, but aside from verifying that
they observed the behaviour, havn't heard anything about a fix yet.

Paul Richards University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Dept of Comp Sci
        UUCP: {pur-ee,convex,inhp4}!uiucdcs!richards

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