CMU-TEK questions

31 Jul 1987 12:58:41 EST

Ever read Mad Magazine? How about that section "Snappy Answers to Stupid
Questions"? Well this is just like that, only the questions are about
CMU-TEK VMS IP/TCP software, and some of the questions aren't so stupid.

Q: How do I get the software?
A: Like my post said, send mail to

        CMU-TEK IP/TCP Software Request
        Computation Center
        Carnegie Mellon University
        4910 Forbes Av.
        Pittsburgh, PA 15213

They'll answer your questions and give you a copy of a license to sign.
Once we receive the signed license, we'll mail you the software. The
license says that the software is owned by CMU-TEK and that CMU isn't
responsible for problems caused by this software etc.

It will take a couple of weeks to process this stuff. Please,
no rush exceptions.

Q: We have an old license from Tektronix. Do we need to re-license?
A: CMU would like everyone to have the same type of license to this
software. Our current license is probably the least restrictive
of any of the past. You might want to contact the above address
and see what current license restrictions are.

Q: Please explain "Postage and Handling may be extra"?
A: We are currently charging $20 for the tape, postage, handling and
the cost of reproducing one hardcopy of the documentation. This may
increase to $50 sometime in the future. We use to ask that the user
send us the tape and a prepaid mailer. But that was a hassle because
some wouldn't send enough postage and others wouldn't send the tape.

Q: Sounds like you don't like Tektronix?
A: Tektronix did good by us. Their pioneering work with this stuff
was a great help. Some of their original framework and design flavor
remains. In retrospect we might have been better starting from scratch.
We are very grateful to the technical and administrative folks at

Q: Are you trying to put TWG and other VMS IP/TCP vendors out of business?
A: No. They do hand-holding. And some of them do it quite well. We
do not hand-hold. Some of those vendors are offering innovative
and custom solutions to some of the IP/TCP problems. Most are willing
to stand behind their work and see that it is working almost perfectly.
We might occasionally take the approach of "Since you found the bug,
you can help us find the fix".

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