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31 Jul 87 05:25:33 GMT

In article <In article <24335@sun.uucp>, guy%gorodish@Sun.COM (Guy Harris) writes:
> I won't bother replying to the whiny little question at the end,...
Two n's in 'whinny', besides I was laughing at the time.
Several people at Sun have mailed me the answer anyway. Anyone who
wants to know can ask me via mail.
> > ...A vendor that must rely on ATT
> > to provide a base, a strategy based on sockets does not seem appropriate
> > in the long term.
> That depends on several things. First, it depends on whether the
> vendor wants to continue to depend on AT&T to provide a base, especially
> given the S5R3 licensing agreement. Second, it depends on whether
> they want to re-port the rest of what they've done to S5R3.
Most current and near future UNIX vendors do and will use S5Rn based
ports. I beleive that vendor management can see the costs associated
with not following this path. Their customer will demand upward
compatible functionality.

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