Re: Wollongong TCP/IP for Sys V

Marty Schoffstall (
Fri, 31 Jul 87 08:41:20 -0400


I personally haven't heard of anyone stealing it, (that message
really took me by surprise), but I'd propose that the reason why
people might "steal" tcp/ip it is that it is CURRENTLY the only
game in town. AT&T donated thousands of 3b machines to the universities,
(RPI has almost 30 of them), stealing the networking software
puts it in the "matching" price range of the hardware itself.

What may happen as soon as the "public domain" implementations
are available is what has happened with VMS tcpip networking
in the past (and accelerating right now), either you don't
buy a TWG product at all or you buy one for "stability" sake
and run TEK/CMU/TCP everywhere else.


PS: RPI told AT&T that we HAD to have tcp/ip and ethernet on
        ours or we simply wouldn't use them, AT&T delivered
        tcp/ip. From my discussions with others who took
        donated equipment, stances like that were rare.

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