data representation in FTP

Douglas M. Olson (dolson@ADA20.ISI.EDU)
30 Jul 1987 23:07:06 PDT

Tedious but trivial for people who use these documents, I hope:

I'm reading a draft test plan in order to spot whoppers and fix it up.
In some areas I'm not extremely qualified...oh well. Problem: the
draft for testing FTP calls for transmission of data in "text, ASCII,
EBCDIC, and binary" to and from the test host, which will be a VAX/VMS
system. Seems inspecific to me... I'm referencing what looks like
MIL-STD 1780 page 9 (which is on page I-341 of the white books which
I DON'T really know how to use).

"5.2.1 ASCII format: intended primarily for transfer of text
files, except when both hosts would find the EBCDIC type more
convenient. The sender converts the data from his internal format to
the standard 8-bit NVT ASCII representation..."

I'm still in trouble, but now I know its because I don't know FTP well
enough. Question 1) When would a VAX/VMS FTP decide that EBCDIC is
convenient? That is, is this likely/mandatory to be a user-selectable
option in a reasonable FTP implementation on VMS? Seems like the
default in this case is that if a VAX/VMS user gets a file from a
machine which uses EBCDIC, it is the remote (EBCDIC) host's job to
translate it before transmission, unless the user wants EBCDIC.

If the VMS FTP user CANNOT specify EBCDIC, then I have to tell the
test plan writers to fix this... comments from you folks anxiously

Doug (dolson @ Ada20)


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