STREAM, TLI, and (of all things) MAP 3.0

Thu 30 Jul 87 18:07:20-PDT

I was wondering whether TLI (Transport Level Interface) is an intrinsic
part of STREAMS? If severable, is TLI required by AT&T?

Can TLI support fully asynchronous operations. In other words can
I initiate a bunch of connects, sends, listens, receives.., continue
running and get some sort of call-back, up-call, AST (pick your favorite
name) when something completes?

If TLI is an ISO transport interface, who provides graceful close? (ISO
transport does not have graceful close, that's part of session.)

I have on my desk a copy of a working document from the GM MAP 3.x folks.
It defines a programmatic interface for applications. If anyone is familiar
with that and TLI, I'd like to hear your comments.


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