Help: TCP/IP for business application

Barry Shein (
Thu, 30 Jul 87 01:35:21 EDT

We are currently installing an ACC TCP/IP interface on the (purely)
Administrative IBM3090 here at BU, they have also installed a Sun
system. The CLA Dean's office is currently using a SUN3/180 and
several diskless clients (that's TCP packets like all getout) and are
moving their databases (which have been Unix based for many years) to
that system. Several other departments are doing compatible things
like that.

The goal is to distribute the management of registration, grant and
other information campus-wide via TCP/IP in the near future. I doubt
they would at this time even consider anything other than TCP for
their applications which (using typically the Ingres and Adabas(e?)
data base systems) relies upon the heterogenous network to make
accessible IBM/MVS, IBM/VM, Suns, Vax/VMS and other systems
(Macintoshes via Kinetics boxes if I can ever finish reading my mail.)

Boston University is generally considered to be within the United
States of America and although you might write us off as academia you
might want to consider the business involved in running a private
university of over 25,000 students. We're probably a bigger business
than you are (probably approaching Fortune 500, I dunno, never thought
of it that way.) So there.

        -Barry Shein, Boston University

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