TCP/IP w/SMTP for MSDOS, Minix, etc.

Howard Chu (
Wed, 29 Jul 87 16:06:33 EDT

Here's the latest status report on Phil Karn's TCP/IP package,
stolen from the Usenet newsgroup comp.os.minix. (If you read
the News, you know... }-)
        -- Howard Chu
        University of Michigan Computing Center, Unix Project


In article <389@louie.udel.EDU> galvin@UDEL.EDU (James M Galvin) writes:
>From: Paul Congdon <>
>> Why doesn't someone just post the source.... It can't be all that big.

                        No No No No No!

The package *IS* big, though much, much smaller than the PC/IP source
distribution. Much easier for those who care to get it from louie, via
uucp, or from my bbs. Why make the whole world pay distribution charges
for something so few have an immediate need for?

The code on louie was just updated by Phil to rev 870526.5, which contains
quite a few internal changes from the .0 release. I'm working on integrating
his changes with stuff from a *lot* of other folks to issue another major
release. I'd really hate to waste net bandwidth with code that's about to
be obsolete, since I assume most folks have 870526.0...

If we ever get a release that we're happy with, maybe a post to one of the
sources groups would be appropriate. With the rate things are changing right
now, I don't think so.

The big news for this group is that the new release in a week or two will
have support for running as a single process under bsd or sysV. Assume that
with a serial port driver for Minix (I don't have one? Did the post not
get here?), that it will be trivial to bring it up there too as a single
process. Not wonderful, but a start!

>The compressed tar file on our machine is 1/2 meg. The uncompressed tar
>file is almost 1 meg. That is a LOT of stuff to be mailing around. Do
>we really want that?

Thanks for asking and not posting!


Bdale Garbee, N3EUA phone: 303/593-9828 h, 303/590-2868 w uucp: {bellcore,crash,hp-lsd,hpcsma,ncc,pitt,usafa,vixie}!winfree!bdale fido: sysop of 128/19 packet: n3eua @ k0hoa, Colorado Springs

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- [Here are some older messages describing other means of getting the sources. As far as I know, the most up to date version will always be on Bdale's BBS, with louie getting updated soon after. -- Howard] -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

In article <In article <>, In article <>, (Jim "Jack" Frost) writes: > I have a copy of Phil Karn's TCP/IP for the PC, which has a README > file saying that you can do anything you want with it so long as its > noncommercial. I can shar it and send it to any interested parties. > Note: It's *quite* large.

This is now available from under the pseudo Message-Ids thru .

Also the 1.2 diffs and sources are here on bugs. The compatibility list has not much new in it.

To review: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subject: archive service on Keywords: automatic mail archive server Message-ID: <690@cod.UUCP> Date: 20 May 87 19:22:17 GMT

An archive retrieval service for old comp.os.minix articles is set up on using E-mail. Everything available to anonymous FTP in directory pub/Minix can be obtained by sending a mailed request to or nosc!minix-server . Include in the message, either among the header fields or the body, a line like:

Reply-To: <your mail address>

and following that a line or lines naming desired files e.g.:

send compatibility send SUBJECTS send

to get an automatic mailed reply. Your mail address should look something like one of these examples:

you@stolaf.uucp! .

FTP should happen during off-hours only. E-mail is not free, either; abuse of the system will cause bad karma. Contents may have settled during shipment.

Vincent Broman, code 632, Naval Ocean Systems Center, San Diego, CA 92152, USA Phone: +1 619 225 2365 Internet: Uucp: sdcsvax!nosc!broman


My mailbox overrunneth!!! I'm averaging one request per hour for Phil's code. Here's how to obtain the distribution via anonymous UUCP from 'ncc'.

First, add the following line to your L.sys file:

ncc Any ACU 2400 14034250342 "" \r ogin:--ogin: nuucp

or for 1200 baud access

ncc Any ACU 1200 14034250342 "" BREAK\r ogin:-BREAK\r-ogin: nuucp

The distribution is split into four files as follows:

-rw-rw-r-- 1 lyndon 0 Jul 22 11:24 FILES -r--r--r-- 1 lyndon 61089 Jul 21 11:53 exe.tar.Z -r--r--r-- 1 lyndon 42474 Jul 21 11:54 misc.tar.Z -r--r--r-- 1 lyndon 142666 Jul 21 11:52 src.tar.Z -r--r--r-- 1 lyndon 96487 Jul 21 11:54 tnc.tar.Z

exe.tar.Z contains the MS-DOS binaries misc.tar.Z is the documentation and bm (Bdales Mailer) src.tar.Z is the source code for everything except bm tnc.tar.Z contains the Terminal Node Controller stuff (not needed for Minix) FILES is a list of the current directory contents

All files are in 16 bit compressed format.

Once you've decided which files you require, queue up a SEPERATE request for each file as follows:

uucp ncc!~/pub/ka9q/src.tar.Z /usr/spool/uucppublic/ka9q/ ^^^^^^^^^ Replace with appropriate filename

You should take a copy of the FILES file first, just incase the distribution breakdown is changed.

Please note that this is NOT the most current release of the software. I have been waiting for the new versions to stabalise a bit before bringing an updated copy in. Given the amount of interest I will be obtaining the most current release in the next couple of days. You might want to wait for it (I will post an announcement as soon as it's online).

If you have any problems with UUCP, send mail to me and I'll check into it.

Lyndon Nerenberg VE6BBM alberta!ncc!lyndon pyramid!ncc!lyndon

Ollie for president: the tradition continues.


> Here's how to obtain the distribution via anonymous > UUCP from 'ncc'.

For those of you with anonymous ftp access, it is also available from, "", in the "pub" directory, file name "ka9q_all.tar.Z".


-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Bdale's BBS can be reached at (303) 593-0766, up to 2400bps, almost 24 hours a day. He claims the access restrictions for first time users are long enough to allow downloading the entire package at 1200 baud. -- Howard

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