How do you break up a B class number?

Jon Solomon (jsol@EDDIE.MIT.EDU)
Wed, 29 Jul 87 15:01:52 EDT

I can think of a situation where different sized subnets would be useful.
At BU we have some networks (1 -3 ) which have alot of hosts on them
(> 10), one of our networks is growing rapidly (our backbone) and we
have other networks which will be in the future growth of our class B network.
We also have networks with less than 10 hosts, some haveo only 1 (one)
host and need a network because of technical limitations, such as Macintoshes
which need to talk to an appletalk gateway, or a Sun Server with only 2
clients and little or no growth predicted. In the latter case, using
a common subnetting scheme will be alright in the near future because
we have a total of 254 subnets. But what happens when we run out?
I know, I know, maybe by then we will be switching to ISO protocols
or someone will come up with a subnetting scheme that works better than
the one we have. See? I can answer my own questions :-).

Anyway, there is a need and it should be recognized.


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