E-mail address for Wollongong Group wanted

Keith Waclena (kdw1@sphinx.uchicago.edu)
28 Jul 87 20:52:46 GMT

We just installed Enhanced TCP/IP WIN/3B from the Wollongong Group on our
AT&T 3B15 running System V r2.1. I am new at administering TCP/IP and am
having some trouble with the library routines. Ftp, rlogin and the like are
working just fine.

Does anyone have an E-mail address for someone at the Wollongong Group that
can give me some advice? Do they maintain some sort of mailing list or
whatever? Please respond by mail as I don't normally read this newsgroup.

Just in case anyone else out there can help, here's a brief description of
my problems.

I let Wollongong's install script do the work of installation. It gives me
a /usr/netinclude directory for things like socket.h. Why are they not in
/usr/include? Is there any reason why I shouldn't just cp them in there?
I have to conditionalize source code in order for the .h's to be found. The
man pages for the socket compatibility library refer to the .h's as if they
live in /usr/include.

I also find /usr/lib/libnet.a. Am I supposed to use this via -lnet? I get
similar (non)results whether I do or don't.

Typical problems have shown up in two short programs I tried to compile as
tests. One is Rob Jacobs wm (window manager) which has compiled and run just
fine on about four machines that *I've* tried it on. But when I try it on the
3B15, I get the following error from select():

        Bad address. (aka EFAULT)

The exact lines of code are:

        int readmask;

        readmask = 01;

        while (select(8*sizeof(readmask), &readmask, 0, 0, 0) <= 0)

What's wrong with this? It loops forever with ``Bad address''.

In another program that compiles just fine, the loader barfs and complains
that it can't find socketpair(), which is in my set of man pages. This happens
with or without -lnet.

Any help is much appreciated. My apologies if this is the wrong newsgroup.


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