Re: SEVERAL copies of message received

Jim Jensen (mtune!codas!novavax!atlas!jjensen@RUTGERS.EDU)
28 Jul 87 12:14:54 GMT

in article <8707261432.AA26072@ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU>, george@EGLIN-VAX.ARPA ("CALVIN R. GEORGE") says:
> I know I have read 6 copies of the one from Jim Jensen ( GOULD ) about
> the BSD 4.3 <CR><LF> problem.
> Calvin George
> Eglin AFB, FL

Sorry about that.

I posted the article, and got an error message. I then had show this to someone
who knew about news. Then someone else. then with a different news program,
and so on. The next time I read news there were all the articles. I was
kind of hoping that only the last one with no error messege got out. Oh well.

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