adversity or perversity

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Tue, 28 Jul 87 07:09 EDT


     I have a problem and I'm not sure I believe what I see.

     I have an ethernet with disparate tcp's around on it. We have bsd
4.3, Symbolics, Sun release 3.2, Micom np100 board running tcp among
others. I'm in the middle of changing network numbers. Now, networks
on the same ethernet won't talk to each other. It seems as if IP wants
to have one network number per ethernet. I really don't see why this
should be so.

     Is this the way of IP? Does it really want one network number per
ethernet? Is there an RFC that says this should be so? If so then
which one so I can go look? If it isn't IP is it the the perversity of
ethernet interface manufacturers?

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