CMU-TEK Announcement

28 Jul 1987 11:11:08 EST

A few simple questions....

        Are you looking for a well integrated IP/TCP on VMS?

        Are you tired of paying your annual salary per machine for
        networking software you use one hour a day?

        Are you despondent over not having the sources to make the simple
        changes necessary to fix relatively minor problems?

If you answered yes to all the above, then have we got something for you.
It's not swamp land in Florida, nor is it prime gold fields in Alaska.

For only $0 (thats Z-E-R-O dollars) you get

    - Common network utilities such as Telnet, FTP and Finger.
    - Domain network name resolver.
    - A mail generation and sending program.
    - Network servers for Telnet, FTP, SMTP and Finger.
    - An ACP process and device driver that implements IP, ICMP, TCP
      and as an extra special bonus UDP.
    - Subnets and packet reassembly.
    - Sources to utilities. Sources to documentation. Sources to
      everything above that we can write on a tape.

What you don't get

    - Large monthly installment payment plan
    - Heavy Liscensing restrictions. This is available to anyone,
      profit or nonprofit on any VAX processor. Soon we will be able
      to send this to all 'reasonable' countries.
    - A big corporation with a three character name abbreviation.
    - 24 Hour telephone hotline support. As a matter of fact, you get
      very little support.
    - User training seminars. You'll have to find some other reason to
      get a free Road-Trip out of your employer.
    - Warranties. No warranties expressed or implied.
    - VMS, BLISS or SCRIBE. To recompile the sources and documentation,
      these necessary tools are not provided.

All of this, and VMSINSTAL compatible.

Some of you maybe skeptical. Perhaps you think that this is only a minor
change over what is available from Tektronix. Things do change, and now
they've changed for the better.

Some of you have refered to this as the CMU `enhanced' Tektronix code.
When you put flowers in the flower box outside your window, you enhance
the building. When rip out and replace the plumbing, heating, electric
and replaster and repaint all the walls, and put on new siding, insulation
and roofing you've rebuilt.

It is no longer necessary to obtain a liscense from Tektronix to run the
CMU software.

To get a copy, send a US Postal Snail Mail letter to

        CMU-TEK IP/TCP Software Request
        Computation Center
        Carnegie Mellon University
        4910 Forbes Av.
        Pittsburgh, PA 15213

No warranties expressed or implied. Postage and Handling may be extra.
Lifetime of offer limited. All rights reserved. Hey, I mean it! We
don't mind giving the stuff away, but we don't want it stolen!

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