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>>> Would someone please post a summary of reasons why use of Streams is
>>> an advantage... is there a reason Streams is better? than sockets?...
>>> Does the end user see any advantage?...
>Don't get me wrong - I'm not a socket bigot - but I have never seen an
>implementation of streams and I am still curious why some people prefer them.

  There is interest in streams for several reasons.
        1) It looks elegant.
        2) It comes from an acknowleged Unix expert.
        3) It *looks* (emphais added) more general than sockets.
        4) It allows a structured decomposition of some of the
           hot-spots in Unix (terminal handling, protocols)
           into subparts which can be placed on a front-end
  There is use of streams for other reasons.
        1) Bell provides it instead of sockets.
        2) Some customers will buy anthing that Berkley *doesn't* make.
        3) Some system/hardware designers want (4) above.
        4) Some system/hardware designers have fallen in love with
           any of the above.

  Personally, I like (4), having worked on a machine which used
FEPs effectively (as well as two which didn't, all from the same

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