Re: Help: TCP/IP for business application

Mon, 27 Jul 87 10:13:19 PDT


> Did you mean, perhaps, "Do people in a business environment (rather than
> a scientific or engineering environment) use TCP/IP?"

I want to know whether TCP/IP is used in applications such as banking
system, car registration system, information retrieval system or other
database management system (centralized or distributed).

The ARPA Internet, X25Net of CSNET, and NSFNet use TCP/IP but support
only Telnet, FTP, SMTP or Finger. Some campus networks support
network window or network file systems. Whois may be a kind of
network database retrieval system. However, I don't know other higher
level or large-scale applications.

Mike O'dell, maximo!mo@seismo.CSS.GOV, told me that the system for the
Bank of Milan in Italy was the best example. Is there any example in
this country?


- Gitchang -

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