Streams TCP/IP

John A. Shriver (
Mon, 27 Jul 87 12:43:24 EDT

Read the AT&T SVR3 license agreement about SVID (System V Interface
Dovcument) compliance. That's why STREAMS is the only game in town.
If you sell a UNIX System under the binary licensing provisions of
SVR3, and it has networking, that networking MUST conforn to the SVID
networking extnesions, which include STREAMS as the TLI. While you
could provide the socket() interface as well, you must provide

The SVID requirements have caused a lot of UNIX vendors to not upgrade
from SVR2 to SVR3, despite the more attractive binary license pricing.
It makes it very difficult to provide 4.3BSD functionality, since
you've also got to provide SVR3/SVID/SVVS compatability.

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