Re: How do you break up a B class number?

Mon, 27 Jul 87 09:47:59 PDT

I'd like to understand the reason that you feel the need to split
a class B network into different-sized subnets. What happens if
you stick to a single subnet size?

Although some of the comments in reply to your message have been somewhat
overblown, the fact is that the technical mechanism to handle
different-sized subnets of the same network is not generally available
today. It may require carrying a 32-bit subnet mask along with each IP
(sub-)network address in whatever IGP is used within the subnetted
network. The only current IGP which does carry such a mask is Dave
Mills' Hello protocol used in the Fuzzballs; however, you could probably
hack the BSD routing table and daemon to do so. If you are not in a
position to roll your own IGP in this fashion, you had better stick to a
single subnet mask.

Bob Braden

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