Info Request - 802 Spec Group Addressing / TCP File Server

Salomon Bros. Inc - Maarten Nederlof (
Fri, 24 Jul 87 18:22 EST

We would like to investigate in pilot form the use of 802 spec "Group
Addressing." I would be very interested if anyone on this list has had
any experience with using ethernet interfaces for UNIX workstations (SUN,
APOLLO, IBM-RT, IBM/AT) that support group addressing (hardware) and
provide ON-BOARD processing of the TCP/IP protocols.

We are also interested in disk servers that support not only firm-ware
TCP/IP, but also allow for SNA and X.25 gateways in the same box. Is there
such an animal?

Anyone that has such interfaces or equipment, or if anyone has done a review
of such vendors, please drop me a note. I will gladly summarize to the net.

Maarten Nederlof

Salomon Brothers Inc
One New York Plaza
New York, NY 10004
(212) 747-4238

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