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Dan Hoey (hoey@nrl-aic.ARPA)
24 Jul 1987 13:39:34 EDT (Fri)

    Date: Mon, 20 Jul 87 19:55 PDT
    Subject: Re: wollongong telnet and new line processing
    To: tcp-ip@sri-nic.ARPA
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    I traced the problem to the fact that "telnetd.c"
    has the following in it:

What's really laughable about the 4.3 code is that if the <CR><LF> is
split across whatever buffer boundary telnetd is using, the code turns
it into <CR> instead of <LF>.

    I don't think it's right to map <CR><LF> to <LF>. I changed it to map
    to <CR> instead, and everything works just fine.

    ...I suppose another approach might be to say that the Bridge TELNET
    code is broken and that it shouldn't be sending <CR><LF> when you type
    "carriage return" but should send <CR><NUL>....

Well, given that <CR><LF> is supposed to be the ``normal'' line
terminator, it should probably correspond to the big button on your
keyboard. The real bug in the Bridge TELNET is that it apparently
gives the user no way of sending a <CR><NUL>. Telnet user programs
should provide some way of sending all three of <CR><NUL>, <CR><LF>,
and <LF>. On two-button keyboards (RETURN/LF or RETURN/INDEX) this
probably means you need to be able to tell telnet what mapping you


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