Re: Streams TCP/IP

Guy Harris (gorodish!
23 Jul 87 18:39:41 GMT

> The primary advantage, for those using ATT based UNIX, is that this is the
> only 'real' facility provided in UNIX System V to support networking.

Gee, for some time now the people at Berkeley have been using an
"AT&T-based UNIX" (the only non-"AT&T-based" UNIXes I know of are
things like Mark Williams' "Coherent", which was written from
scratch) that supports networking without STREAMS. Plenty of other
people have dropped the socket code into System V kernels, just as
Berkeley dropped it into a 32V-derived kernel, so STREAMS are not
"the only game in town".

> ATT's Transport Interface is mostly base on the ISO transport interface,
> therefore should map to the emerging interface standards.

Unfortunately, the TLI also has a number of warts, such as the fact
that it keeps some state both in userland and in the kernel, so that
after a "fork"/"exec" you have to issue a "t_sync" call to pull the
kernel's notion of the state into userland.
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