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>> Would someone please post a summary of reasons why use of Streams is
>> an advantage... is there a reason Streams is better? than sockets?...
>> Does the end user see any advantage?...
>The primary advantage, for those using ATT based UNIX, is that this is the
>only 'real' facility provided in UNIX System V to support networking.

Possible, but have you seen HP's or CPC's implementation of sockets in their
System V ports? Looks plenty "real" to me and cleanly done as well.

>It is not necessarily 'better', but it is a more appropriately structure
>for the varying protocols than other implementations (such as the
>4.x BSD architecture).

What do you mean by "a more appropriate[ly] structure"? Could you back this up
or is this only an opinion?

>Hopefully the 'end-user' doesn't get involved
>at this level.

But with 4.x all the end-user needs to know is a host name in order to use
the Berkeley "r" utilities assuming NFS across remote mount points is not being
used instead.

>ATT's Transport Interface is mostly base on the ISO
>transport interface, therefore should map to the emerging interface

But its easy enough to add new socket types as Sun has for its
OSI protocol implementation.

>I have found that performance is not considerably
>different in s STREAMS based vs. 4.x BSD based implemetnation of TCP/IP.


>Monkey Face - uni-xperts

What're those?

Don't get me wrong - I'm not a socket bigot - but I have never seen an
implementation of streams and I am still curious why some people prefer them.

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