RE: Streams TCP/IP Vendors

Karen Paszamant (ihnp4!homxb!houxm!hjuxa!kp@ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU)
23 Jul 87 14:26:48 GMT

Thanks for the info on vendors. I ordered the book from SRI
but have still not received it. In case anyone else is interested,
here is a summary of Streams based TCP/IP vendors for Sys V Release 3.0:

1. Spider Systems, Edinburgh, U.K.
2. Counterpoint Computers
3. Micom Interlan - they used Lachmans TCP/IP
4. Uniq Digital Technologies, Batavia, ILL. 1-800-DEC-UNIX
5. The Wollongong Group, Palo Alto, CA
6. Lachman Associates, Naperville, ILL. - they worked with Convergent
    Technologies to develop product.


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