Wanted: Network Independent File Transfer Protocol (NIFTP)

Robert Heath (gatech!hubcap!ncrcae!heath@RUTGERS.EDU)
23 Jul 87 13:27:25 GMT

I am looking for the source to a UNIX-based implementation of
Network Independent File Transfer Protocol (NIFTP).
NIFTP is used mainly in the UK (& New Zealand) to move files around
X.25 networks.

I am informed that Internet Protocol versions of NIFTP exist,
but I am interested only in using the OSI Transport layer over X.25 version.
My goal is to port NIFTP to an NCR TOWER running UNIX 5.2.

I'd like to hear the opinion of any NIFTP users on how well it works and
to discuss possible interconnection.

I have the names of two other interested parties which I picked up
from an earlier, unsuccessful posting to comp.sources.wanted.
Thanks in advance.

        Robert A. Heath
        ncrcae!heath or heath@Columbia.NCR.COM
        NCR Dept 783
        3325 W. Platt Springs Rd.
        W. Columbia, SC 29169

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